Why we will no longer use or support Nonprofits on Facebook – aka Facebook Fundraising:

At the end of last year, we signed up for the brand new “Nonprofits on Facebook” services, which was touted as a way to raise funds directly via Facebook. Kind of like “GoFundMe” but with a lower fee and that fee actually CLAIMED to go towards verifying the legitimacy of the “non-profits” who were raising money (unlike GoFundMe who will allow any scammer to beg for donations and it’s totally up to the donors to try and determine who is a scam and who is a real charity). Sounds GREAT, right?

Not so great. Our first Facebook fundraiser, “Won’t You Be Their Valentine?” launched on December 27th ,slated to end on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, of 2017.

During that time period, we collected a grand total of $341 in donations. A transfer to our bank account in the amount of $153.41 occurred on 01/19/17. Subsequently, a deposit was made for $133.00 on 02/21/17. The fundraiser ended 02/14/17. Together these deposits total $286.41. That means Facebook kept $54.59. That’s more like 16%, not 5% as stated. So I contacted them.

After a significant run-around, because I wasn’t named a “financial entity administrator” (I guess being the charity’s page admin and page creator doesn’t mean much) we finally were able to “add” me and I received the following explanation:

Our reply
Hi Dee,

I can confirm that you are now an admin for Marden’s Ark Corporation.

As mentioned in our Payments Terms:

1) “Facebook will redeem your Developer Balance approximately 21 days following the end of the bimonthly period (either the 1st through 15th of the month or the 16th through the end of the month) in which the transaction occurred, except as otherwise set forth herein.”

For example, if your charity collected $101 from May 1-15, we will release payout during the first few days of June (typically between the 2nd and 4th of the month).

2) Our system only releases payouts over $100.00. Until your charity’s outstanding payout balance reaches this minimum payout threshold, the balance will carry to the next payout period.

Your current account balance:

02/01/2017 – 02/15/2017-$38.00

I can assure you Facebook transaction fees are only 5%. Right now your account is under the minimum $100 threshold which is why you have not received the remainder of your payout.

To read more about our Payment Terms: (link deleted)
To read more about our Charitable Donation Terms: (link deleted)

To read more about our Donations: (link deleted)

Payments Support Specialist

So unless we gFacebookCrookeryive Facebook MORE money, of which they take 5%, the $38 is GONE. We can’t have it simply because “it’s less than $100.” PayPal does not do this with our donations! This money was donated to Marden’s Ark, but kept by Facebook using their bookkeeping sleight-of-hand. The money was IN THE ACCOUNT when the last payment occurred, a week *AFTER* the campaign ended. Because they chose to chop the donations into smaller amounts at arbitrary dates, they effectively KEPT the amount donated because it’s under $100. This money was DONATED – tax-deductible funds donated for a charitable cause – FUNDS that are being kept FROM that cause by Facebook’s “rules” which are concocted to benefit ONLY themselves.

Is Mark Zuckerberg so poor now that he’s got to scam a tiny non-profit that struggles for our every dollar? It looks that way.

We have turned off the ability for others to start Facebook fundraisers on our behalf, due to this scam. For those wishing to hold a fundraiser, please do so by posting or sharing our PayPal email address or a link to our Donations page as we will not be collecting money via Facebook again.

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